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Ben Harris

Ben Harris: Welcome


Showcase of Work

Vertical farm

Project based on a passion for combining technology and farming. After successful development of autonomous vertical farming technologies using aeroponics, I was later approached by the Missouri University to help design a prototype farming system for NASA and the ISS

IMG_1088 - Copy.JPG

Interactive entertainment systems

Projects for Film festivals and Escape rooms. Here with the help of the teams around me I designed and built interactive props for Film festivals and Escape rooms

Commercial Unmanned Areal Vehicles

4 years experience in UAS operations and maintenance in the following industries

  • Agriculture

  • Documentaries

  • Real estate

  • Photogrammetry (VR) 


The Cube

This is my first Wifi enabled creation using a simple HTML app. It is controlled using an Arduino like microcontroller through a cloud server

3D Printing

The wonders of 3d printing for bracket, mounts and artistic endeavours



A love of creating digital twins of real world objects

For more please see below

Data Visualization

Simple near real time data visualization while backing data up in the background. This is the same system I use in my vertical farms


Additional photos of my work below

Ben Harris: Projects
Ben Harris: Pro Gallery
Ben Harris: Pro Gallery


Ben Harris: HTML Embed

Drone Design

Ben Harris: HTML Embed
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